The Best Way to Learn Arabic

April 02, 2024

Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world, with approximately 400 million native and non-native speakers combined. However, due to the language's alphabet, extensive vocabulary, intricate syntax, and other factors learning it is anything from simple. To succeed, you must understand the optimal approach to learning Arabic. This article will assist you by offering a variety of suggestions and describing how to acquire Arabic quickly and effectively with, the greatest Arabic learning platform. Continue reading to know the best way to learn Arabic!

Arabic Language History

Let's talk about the brief history of Arabic and uncover some history before getting into the best way to learn Arabic. Among the Semitic languages is Arabic. For almost two millennia, people in the Arab world have been speaking it. The ethnic group in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, the Gulf, Western Asia, and the Western Indian Ocean is associated with the term "Arabic". The word "Arab" comes from "Ya'rub," an ancient individual who was the progenitor of the "pure Arabs." Islam has been preserving Arabic for more than 140 years, thanks to the Quran, which is the holy book and includes all Arabic language resources. Currently, Arabic is spoken in two primary ways: Standard Arabic, the official language of the Arab states, and is used in literature, books, education, etc. Spoken regional dialects, which vary from place to location, constitute the second type.

The Best Way to Learn Arabic

How to start learning Arabic? What is the best way to learn Arabic? Beginners keep wondering and questioning frequently about this, it is a well-known issue for anybody wishing to know the best way to learn Arabic, to save their time and effort. We will answer these questions through this article, but you must know that to start noticing any improvements in your Arabic language skills, you must determine your goals and follow them step-by-step. Now let's find out the best way to learn Arabic is as follows:

Use Arabic Learning Apps

The best way to learn Arabic is with an app. They’re convenient because you can study anywhere you want. Most apps make learning a language fun or have interesting features and designs that make you want to use the app frequently. Choose the app that suits you and your budget. We suggest DALIL, the most affordable app that depends on teaching Arabic. DALIL supports the self-learning process through fun, short, and various videos. Along with a special easy dictionary, with one click on any word in a video to see in-context definitions and its pronunciation.   

Book an Online Arabic Course

Learning Arabic with an online course is an easy way to study because the courses lay everything out for you so you always know what to study next. This provides continuity in your learning and builds on what you already know. Courses often have detailed lessons that provide more explanation than other learning methods. The three courses below, Talk in Arabic, Egyptian Arabic Beginner’s Workshop, and Arabic Workshop are well-designed courses that will walk you through Arabic step by step. is the best way to learn Arabic online, easily and effectively. It provides the premier Egyptian Arabic course for beginners, audio exercises, and vocabulary builders specifically tailored to the dialect. It also offers one-to-one classes and more!

Find an Online Arabic Tutor

Taking classes from a private teacher or tutor is one of the most effective ways to learn, but it can be difficult to find a teacher in your area. Online learning has become more popular in the past few years, and now it’s easy to connect yourself with an Arabic teacher no matter where you live. eArabic is the best choice for finding an online teacher. It is a safe and secure platform that has hundreds of qualified Arabic teachers from all over the Arab countries, for you to choose from.

Learning the Arabic language is all about practice but with the right learning methods and consistent learning. Do not lose hope and you will master Arabic quickly. eArabic offers a free Arabic lesson with an Arab tutor of your choice. Book a free Arabic lesson now!