How to Say 'With' in Arabic

June 20, 2024

Prepositions show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. They express various meanings, such as location, direction, time, and manner. In this article, you will easily learn how to say 'with' in Arabic.

How to Say With in Arabic

مع (ma'a)

  • Usage: Accompaniment or association.
  • Meaning: "With."
  • Context: Used to indicate being with someone or something in terms of physical presence or association.
  • Example: أنا ذاهب مع صديقي (Ana dhahib ma'a sadiqi) - "I am going with my friend."

 بـ (bi)

  • Usage: Means or instrumentality.
  • Meaning: "With" or "by."
  • Context: Used to indicate the means by which an action is performed.
  • Example: أكتب بالقلم (Aktub bil-qalam) - "I write with the pen."

لدى (lada)

  • Usage: Possession or location.
  • Meaning: "At" or "with."
  • Context: Used to indicate possession, presence, or having something at a location. It's often used in more formal or literary contexts.
  • Example: لدى الطبيب أدوات طبية حديثة (Lada al-tabib adawat tibbiya haditha) - "The doctor has modern medical tools."

How to Say With in Arabic Dialects


Egyptian Arabic, also known as 'Masri' or Egyptian colloquial Arabic, is a spoken dialect of the Arabic language primarily used in Egypt. It is distinct from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the formal written language used in literature, media, and official communication across the Arab world.

  • مع (ma'a)
    Example: حروح مع صاحبي (Haruh ma'a sahbi) - "I will go with my friend."

Gulf (Khaliji)

Gulf Arabic refers to the Arabic dialect spoken in  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and parts of Iraq and Iran. It's also known as Khaliji.

  • ويا (wayya)
    Example: بروح ويا صديقي (Baruh wayya sadiqi) - "I will go with my friend."


Levantine Arabic refers to the variety of Arabic dialects spoken in the Levant region, which includes countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and parts of Iraq. It's one of the major branches of Arabic dialects.

  • مع (ma'a)
    Example: رح روح مع رفيقي (Rah rouḥ ma'a rafi'i) - "I will go with my friend."

Darija (Maghrebi)

"Darija" refers to the Arabic dialects spoken in the Maghreb region of North Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania.

  • مع (mʿa)
    Example: كنمشي مع صاحبي (Kan-mshi m'a sahbi) - "I will go with my friend."

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