How to Say 'Grandma' in Arabic

July 04, 2024

Grandmothers are known for their ability to offer unconditional love and support, creating a safe and comforting environment where their children and grandchildren feel valued and understood. They often bridge the gap between generations, sharing stories and traditions that help preserve the family's heritage and cultural identity. In this article, we will explore different ways of how to say grandma in Arabic.

How to Say Grandma in Arabic

The word 'Grandma' has several synonyms in Arabic. Here are a few, along with their meanings in English:

Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

  • جدّة (Jadda)

    Example: ".لدي أفضل جدّة في العالم" (ladaya 'afdal jadda fi al-'alam) - "I have the best grandma in the world."

The following forms indicate possession or belonging, specifying whose grandma is being referred to based on the possessive pronouns attached to the word 'جدة':

  • جدتي (jaddati) - my grandma.
  • جدته (jaddatu) - his grandma.
  • جدتها (jaddatuha) - her grandma.
  • جدتنا (jaddatuna) - our grandma.
  • جدتهم (jaddatuhum) - their grandma.

Arabic Dialects


Egyptian Arabic, also known as 'Masri' or Egyptian colloquial Arabic, is a spoken dialect of the Arabic language primarily used in Egypt. It is distinct from Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), the formal written language used in literature, media, and official communication across the Arab world.

  • تيتة (Teta)

    Example: ".بحب حواديت تيتة" (baheb hawadit tita) - "I love grandma's stories."

  • نانّا (Nanna)

    Example: ".نانّا بتعمل أحلى كنافة" (nanna beta'emel 'ahla kunafa) - "grandma makes the most delicious kunafa."

Gulf (Khaliji)

Gulf Arabic refers to the Arabic dialect spoken in  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and parts of Iraq and Iran. It's also known as Khaliji.

  • يدّة (Yadda)

    Example: ".أحب يدّة مرة" (Ahub yadda marra) - "I love grandma very much."


Levantine Arabic refers to the variety of Arabic dialects spoken in the Levant region, which includes countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and parts of Iraq. It's one of the major branches of Arabic dialects.

  • سِتّي (Sitti)

    Example: ".بيشبهوني بسِتّي" (bishabehuni be sitti) - "They say I resemble my grandma."

Darija (Maghrebi)

"Darija" refers to the Arabic dialects spoken in the Maghreb region of North Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania.

  • جداي (Jedday)

    Example: ".نحب نهدرز مع جداي" (neheb nehadraz ma' jedday) - "I love talking with my grandma."

  • ميمة (Mima)

    Example: ".ميمة كتعمل أحسن طاجين" (mima ka-t'amal ahsan tajin) - "Grandma makes the best tagine."

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