How to Say 'Goodnight' in Arabic

June 09, 2024

"Goodnight" is a polite way to wish someone's night to end well. This phrase provides a sense of closure to a conversation or interaction, signaling that it's time to rest. In this article, you will learn how to say goodnight in Arabic.

How to Say Goodnight in Arabic

The variety of synonyms for "Goodnight" in Arabic reflects the rich linguistic and cultural diversity across different Arabic-speaking regions. Such as:

  1. ليلة سعيدة (Layla sa'eeda) – Meaning "Happy night" in English. It is used to wish someone a pleasant evening or to bid farewell at the end of the day, conveying best wishes for a restful and peaceful night ahead. 

  2. طابت ليلتك (Tabat laylatak) – Translates to "Your night be blessed" in English. It's an Arabic expression used to wish someone a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

  3. أحلام سعيدة (Ahlam sa'eeda) – Translates to "Happy dreams" or "Joyful dreams" in English. It's commonly used to wish someone pleasant dreams as they sleep.

  4. نومًا هنيئًا (Nawman hani'an) – Meaning "Have a restful sleep" in English. It's used to wish someone a peaceful and tranquil sleep, conveying the hope for them to have a good night's rest.

How to Say Goodnight in Arabic Dialects

  • تصبح على خير (Tisbah ala khair)
    Is an Arabic phrase that translates to "Goodnight" in English. It's commonly used across different Arabic-speaking regions to bid someone farewell and wish them well for the night.

  • نوم العوافي (Nawm al-'awafi) 
    This phrase means "peaceful sleep" or "restful sleep" in English. It's a common expression used in Gulf Arabic dialects (such as Saudi, Emirati, Kuwaiti, Qatari, Bahraini, and Omani) to wish someone a good night's rest.

  • نوم الهنا (Nawm al- hana)
    Translates to "peaceful sleep," is used in various Arabic-speaking countries, commonly in Egypt. 

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