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April 28, 2024

Arabic Teachers can use technology in the classroom to make teaching processes more efficient and aid student learning. Students can use computers and tablets to read materials, conduct research, or play educational games. In addition, this technology allows students to access documents or other resources at school or home. Virtual classrooms using the 'video' teaching method can be a great way to provide education remotely. DALIL is a platform for expanding cultural richness and diversity at all levels of education. It provides resources to address challenges to meet the changing needs of language educators and their learners.

Our Mission

DALIL centered around breaking down language barriers making learning accessible to everyone and making the beauty of the Arabic language accessible to all, from the ambitious teacher to the dedicated student. 


DALIL is committed to delivering top-quality, and services, that elevate the professional ability and development of Arabic language educators.


DALIL is dedicated to the success of both the teachers and the students. We believe in what we do and are committed to growth and advancement.


DALIL fosters relationships between teachers and students, and collaborates with partners for support, to promote Arabic teaching methods and strategies across different cultures and communities.

Our Vision

DALIL envisions an interconnected world where everyone benefits from and values a multilingual and multicultural education.

DALIL's Teachers' Testimonials

"When I came across DALIL, I couldn't have been happier. As an Arabic teacher, I was looking for an educational site that would allow all of my classes, at all levels, to experience modern Arabic, not from a conversation in an old book. This site allows you to choose content based on your students' level and provides a way to track their progress. We watch TV commercials, listen to Arabic songs, TV dialogues, etc. It makes learning Arabic fun and easy!" - Ms. Rehab Saad, Secondary School Teacher.

"As an Arabic teacher, I think DALIL is exceptional in its ability to teach students new vocabulary in a real-life context. I am certainly happy when students increase their vocabulary, especially when they demonstrate its correct use in new, self-created contexts. These are the best moments for us as language teachers, and DALIL can be the catalyst for these moments to happen! From my point of view, I see that “DALIL” is superior to all other learning methods, especially traditional classroom learning, using textbooks, and presenting content via presentation slides. DALIL, the guide has proven to be extremely useful for students and teachers, and will certainly continue to be increasingly popular!" - Mrs. Salma Al-Qadi, Primary School Teacher.

Teach Arabic with DALIL through different media such as movies, songs, sports, and inspiring speeches, and start making your Arabic teaching methods fun, and effective for your students, wherever you are. DALIL's extensive programs and unlimited resources are made to support your professional goals as an Arabic teacher.

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