6 Motives to Start Arabic Lessons for Beginners

February 25, 2024

You're making a smart decision if you're thinking of taking Arabic lessons for beginners. Nobody can convince you otherwise, since they might not be aware of all the advantages Arabic has in the contemporary world. These are the main justifications for why picking up Arabic is a wise move. How should a beginner read Arabic? How hard is it to learn basic Arabic? continue reading this article to check the 6 motives to start Arabic lessons for beginners immediately!

6 Motives to start Arabic lessons for beginners

The recitation of the Quran

Reasons for choosing Arabic is to learn the recitation of the Quran, read it correctly with Tajweed, and comprehend it since the whole holy scripture is written in Arabic.  It should go without saying that being able to read and commit to memory the Quran in its original language can strengthen our bonds with Allah (SWT) and assist us to have deeper relationships with him. For this reason, it is crucial to look for online Arabic classes for beginners and study Arabic to comprehend the Quran.

An overview of Islamic traditions

In addition to the Arabic versions of the Quran and Sunnah, there is a substantial and rich Islamic legacy. It is the legacy of the world's greatest intellect. We would be deprived of nearly fourteen centuries of Islamic scholarship if Arabic were not spoken. The goal of each scholarship was to benefit Islam and the Muslim community. Following the advent of Islam, several disciplines emerged with the primary goal of conserving and elucidating the core Islamic texts. An ever-expanding legacy is the outcome of these studies being studied and taught in Islamic organizations and circles across the globe even today. We would not have a modern understanding of Islam without the contributions of the Muslim intellectuals of the past. This is another benefit of Arabic lessons for beginners; may Allah bless them abundantly for their wonderful contribution to Islam and the Muslim community.

Acquire useful language proficiency in several Middle Eastern nations

Certain languages, like Spanish and French, are widely spoken and may be used to travel and work in many nations worldwide. Some languages, such as Chinese, require you to focus and operate in a limited number of nations. A combination of these is Arabic. Arabic is the official language in twenty Middle Eastern nations. Although it allows you to work and travel to other nations, it is unique enough that your peers may not speak it.

Knowing the Prophet Muhammad's Sunnah

Since Arabic is the language used to write the entirety of the Islamic legacy, Arabic has gained significant importance over time. As a result, Arabic lessons for beginners have several benefits. It not only enables you to comprehend the words of the Prophet Muhammad and his Sunnah without the need for translations, but it also provides an understanding of Islamic customs and beliefs. Thankfully, there are many books available to learn Arabic.

Learn about different civilizations' political, religious, and cultural values 

Owing to current political developments, the media, Hollywood, and other sources have portrayed Arabic culture as a one-dimensionally negative culture that may breed mistrust and misunderstanding, make it difficult to work together, compromise, and negotiate, and could even result in a military conflict. Gaining knowledge of Arabic can help you in your understanding of the political, religious, and cultural values of those civilizations. With the information you acquire, you will also be able to support enterprises globally and help bridge the language and cultural divide between countries. You will also be able to resolve and prevent intercultural conflict. You can more effectively promote a more accurate and favorable view of Arabic culture if you master the language basics.

How should a beginner learn Arabic?

Engaging in Arabic lessons for beginners at eArabic.io platform, practicing with practice exams, and conversing with people who speak the language are some online strategies.

How hard is it to learn basic Arabic?

Most people agree that learning Arabic is among the hardest languages to do. In the end, we would like to tell you very briefly that eArabic.io platform is the most suitable place for you to learn the Arabic language in the simplest ways. Book your courses with us now and fulfill all your desires to learn the Arabic language.