3 Best Countries to Learn Arabic

February 03, 2024

Arabic is considered as one of the worldwide languages that you should think about learning, even if there are many other languages in the globe that can pique your interest. Any English speaker will undoubtedly find it difficult to pick up Arabic as it is not an easy language and bears no resemblance to the English language.

Best country to learn Arabic

It's important to consider the several Arabic dialects available for study and the reality that speaking one does not guarantee that you will be understood by everyone in Northern Africa and the Middle East before deciding where to study Arabic overseas. When we talk about the best country to learn Arabic, we should know that the most generally known dialect is Egyptian Arabic, which has been spread throughout the Arab-speaking world via the media and motion pictures. But as most Arabic materials are published in Modern Standard Arabic (official Arabic), spending a summer studying it provides a strong foundation for learning other dialects in the future and an easier approach to becoming immersed in Arabic literature and printed texts. However, if learning Arabic through immersion programs that integrate language instruction with cultural and traditional courses is your main goal, it's better to follow your wanderlust and choose the nation that most inspires you. eArbic.io will help you to choose the best country to learn Arabic.


Egypt is the best country to learn Arabic and a fantastic place to learn Arabic abroad since Egyptian Arabic is the most frequently spoken version of the language worldwide, particularly if you're looking for an educational and culturally fulfilling experience. Arabic language courses in Egypt are available in a range of formats, accommodating learners of all ages, skill levels, and learning preferences. Egypt provides a wide range of short- and long-term learning possibilities in Arabic, regardless of your learning objectives: studying Arabic for business and professional purposes, learning Arabic while on vacation, or learning Arabic for diplomacy to help you build mediation and negotiating skills for a new career. You can opt to master Arabic conversation, writing, business communication, and public speaking, according to your requirements and objectives. The majority of courses are taught in Modern Standard Arabic, while some additionally provide Egyptian colloquial Arabic as an extra option.

Cairo, the capital,  is a popular destination for language learners who want to study Arabic. The city captivates tourists who are willing to go past its typical tourist attractions. Once you become used to cultural standards, it's an interesting location to live with traditional values mixed with cultural and socio-political dynamism. Egypt, frequently referred to as the "cradle of civilization," is unquestionably one of the most fascinating places in the world to visit if you're interested in history and archeology while also learning a new language. Cairo is an excellent option if you intend to remain longer because it has a comparatively inexpensive cost of living when compared to other Middle Eastern cities like Dubai or Beirut.


It's possible to want to study more than one language at a time. If this sounds like you, visiting Morocco will satisfy your need to learn more than one language. You may concentrate on improving your French while also studying Arabic in this multilingual country, Morocco. This is the level of linguistic skill one may observe in Morocco! There are several methods to study Arabic in Morocco, but the most effective option is to learn Moroccan Arabic by enrolling in one of the top Arabic language programs in the "Versailles of Morocco," also known as "Meknes"  The elegant "Dar El Makhzen" palace is located in the medieval medina of Meknes, a tranquil yet charming city created by the rich combination of Berber, Arab, and French traditions. Many Arabic summer programs in Meknes integrate Arabic learning with electives on politics, religion, and even international affairs. Some programs even work with neighborhood non-governmental organizations in the city to advance social and economic development. You can now understand why learning Arabic in Morocco is advantageous. Because you return with a higher degree of understanding, the journey is always worthwhile.


There would be no obstacles in the way of anyone enrolling in one of the top Arabic language courses at eArabic.io. Even though Amman is sometimes referred to as the Kingdom of Boredom, this isn't accurate, thus it's still a worthwhile trip destination. Jordan might not be your typical picturesque city, but it's far from dangerous, and you'll accomplish the main reason you came: to learn Arabic, it's one of the best countries to learn Arabic. To support the claim that Jordan is anything but dull, despite what the general public believes, there are a ton of things to do there, like visiting Wadi Rum, Petra, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea coral reef, and many outdoor activities. Be ready to uncover some of the myths and tales you've read and heard so much about when you travel to Jordan to study current standard Arabic. Due to its stability and similarity to current standard Arabic, Jordan has long been a favorite among Arabic language learners. The benefit of learning Modern Standard Arabic in Jordan is that it's a language you can learn quite closely to the general language spoken by the people there wherever you go. It is undeniably simpler to learn a language when one is surrounded by speakers of that language.

Which method of learning Arabic is the best?

The best teaching strategies consist of:

  • Arabic learning with podcasts and online audio.
  • Arabic-learning channels on YouTube.
  • Arabic online courses like eArabic.io course.
  • Application for Arabic language study.
  • Websites for courses.
  • News in Arabic.
  • Arabic bloggers on YouTube.
  • Articles in Arabic.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to study Arabic, you'll discover that it deepens your comprehension of a region of the globe that the media tends to misreport and misunderstand. Whichever place you decide to visit, you will undoubtedly have unique and real experiences in the Arab world.

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