Top 10 Educational Arabic Games

November 16, 2023

Arabic is a very rich and vast language that is widely spoken throughout the world. Among other languages, Arabic is a challenging language to learn. If you're an English speaker, you'll need to spend more hours studying Arabic than you would studying another foreign language, such as Spanish, to get up to a similar level. Education and fun may seem like opposites, but when it comes to children, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Incorporating fun into education is essential for a child’s learning journey. Hence, there are lots of helpful ideas and means to help children enjoy their learning journey with the Arabic language, continue reading this article!

What Makes Learning Fun to Children?

Children are naturally curious and eager to explore new things. Incorporating fun into education helps cultivate a positive attitude toward learning in children. When children are having fun while learning, they become more engaged and motivated to actively participate in the educational process. This sets the foundation for them to become lifelong learners who are constantly seeking new information and skills.

Tips for Parents to Improve the Learning Journey

Get Involved

Show interest in your child’s progress by playing the Arabic games together. This will motivate them to learn more and strengthen your bond as well.

Friendly Competition

Friendly competitions always motivate children to improve their skills willing to win, with rewards and trophies for accomplishments, you will add extra excitement to them.

Daily Practice

Arabic games provide valuable practice, but real-life practice helps more. Encourage your children to interact with Arabic native speakers or new learners. Help them to read signs and labels and describe themselves in Arabic, even with simple phrases.

Top 10 Educational Arabic Games for Children

We sorted a list of Arabic games, as follows:

  1. Arabic Alphabet Flashcards: Learning Arabic letters with English transliteration for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschool.

  2. Magnetic Arabic Letters & Words: A magnetic build-a-word toolbox full of Arabic letters.

  3. Arabic Alphabet & Numbers Wooden Puzzle: Complete the puzzle by putting the wooden letter in its right place.

  4. Alif Baa Tracing: Handwriting workbook for children.