The Impact of Arabic Cartoons on Children’s Language Skills

March 04, 2024

Most of us probably hold special childhood memories, and there is no doubt that among them are special memories of cartoons. Cartoons are not just entertainment at this stage; for children, cartoons can be a highly influential educational and educational source. In this article, we are highlighting the impact of Arabic cartoons on children’s language skills.

In the early stages of life, the child is open to all external influences. The effect of cartoons on a child’s language may sometimes exceed the influence of the family or the surrounding environment, because the child’s environment is usually limited, unlike cartoons that take the child on extensive journeys in the world of reality and imagination.

Arabic cartoon channels, such as ‘Spacetoon’, combine entertainment and life lessons about love, friendship, good versus evil, loss, and the importance of family. Also, they carry many values such as loyalty, hard work, ambition, and others. The ‘Spacetoon’ generation is the most influenced by cartoons on the intellectual, behavioral, and cultural levels, and definitely on the Arabic language skills. This channel and others have played Arabic cartoon and animation shows with proper Arabic dubbing, which contributed to producing an entire generation fluent in Arabic and speaking classical Arabic proficiently despite the differences in the dialects of the Arab nation.

The impact of Arabic Cartoons on Children’s Language Skills

Learning through the senses is vital for children’s mental and physical growth. Hearing, touch, smell, taste, and sight are the windows through which they perceive reality. We can see cartoons as an engaging and exceptional means of communication for learning and enhancing children’s curiosity.

Cartoons can expose your children to different languages, thus helping them develop their language skills. Allowing them to watch cartoons in their native language can help them learn the language better, as mentioned earlier with the impact of Spacetoon on strengthening Modern Standard Arabic for many. By watching various cartoons, children can also improve their pronunciation and speech.

Are Arabic Cartoons Useful During the Learning Journey?

Cartoons can help children start learning Arabic early. The positive impact of cartoons on children is especially evident in educational cartoons that teach shapes, numbers, and colors in Arabic. These cartoons can teach children basic things in a fun and interactive way, making learning an enjoyable activity. Arabic cartoon are useful during  your child’s learning journey, there are a few steps to follow that can help you, as follows:

  1. Choose appropriate Arabic cartoons for your child's age
    Some Arabic cartoon are made for younger children and others for older ones. Some Arabic cartoon use simple words that are easy enough for non-Arabic speakers to understand while other cartoons are made specially for Arabic speakers.
  2. Watch Arabic cartoons together
    Watching cartoons together as a family educational experience brings great benefit to the child, which motivates them to watch and ask questions related to the language, such as: (What is the meaning of this word? What is its synonym? What is its opposite? etc.)
  3. Write down the repeated words
    Words are often repeated in Arabic cartoon. Choose a few words, phrases, or whole sentences that are useful and relevant to your child and write them down. Reuse words in conversation when not watching cartoons to keep the vocabulary fresh in their minds.
  4. Repeatedly watching the same cartoon
    Repetition is key for learning any new language. When the children watch the same cartoon all over, they will begin to get used to the aforementioned vocabulary. Draw your child's attention to the words and phrases mentioned while watching the cartoon. Once your child gets to know the language, the words will flow and carry meaning without the need for translation and your child will love to share with you any new vocabulary they will learn.

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