Best 5 Arabic Books for Kindergarten

November 18, 2023

Despite the fact that nowadays, there are many techniques for learning foreign languages, as well as different foreign language teaching methods, all of them have one thing in common. Namely, if you ask how to master a second/foreign language, the answer in each of these approaches will be similar – by using it regularly. So, the key to successful learning of any foreign language is exposure and usage. Of course, the role of parents can be crucial here. First, the key thing is to motivate the child, not force them. And reading is one of the most helpful methods for children to learn Arabic, not only to enrich their Arabic vocabulary; it also introduces children to Arabic texts that spark their imagination and expose them to its culture in a fun and interesting way.

Best 5 Arabic Books for Kindergarten

The following is a selection of some of the most inspiring Arabic books for kindergarten. Happy reading!

  1. Alif Baa Taa: One of the best Arabic books for children, it is vibrantly illustrated book that teaches your child the basics with this modern, visually appealing board book. Classical Fus-ha Arabic with tashkeel is used throughout the book as well as English transliterations, to ensure non-native speaks can easily learn Arabic!

  2. My First Arabic Words: With this Arabic book your child will learn 100 basic Arabic words, with an eye-catching and perfect illustration for children.

  3. Learning Arabic Workbook for Beginners: This Arabic workbook aims to help children write Arabic letters and words in a short time duration perfectly.

  4. Super Easy Verbs for Kids: This Arabic book, with its simple design and direct manner, is the best start to introduce Arabic grammar to your child's learning journey.

  5. ZEENKIND: An Arabic audiobook with 180+ words. It has sounds that pronounce the words and a switch button to change the audio language to Arabic or English. With rewritable activity pages with marker pen.