7 Tips for Teaching Arabic for Kids

February 29, 2024

It is known that learning at an early age is important, as it is like engraving on a stone and it literally lays the foundation for all that is to come. That is why all parents should make it a priority and search for ways to make teaching Arabic for kids way easier because Arabic is considered a sacred language in which Holy Quran and all the Islamic heritage are written. The main problem that faces the majority of parents is how to start teaching Arabic to a child but fortunately, there are many useful and practical tips that can make the journey much easier and fun. In this article, we will help you with the perfect guide for teaching Arabic for kids.

7 tips for Teaching Arabic for Kids

Start with the Basics

A lot of parents just feel so confused because they have no idea how to learn Arabic for kids. One of the most fruitful pieces of advice is to start with the basics such as the alphabet and some most commonly used phrases that cover our daily routine. Starting with the basics strengthens the foundation and can catapult the progress of your children forward.


Talking and encouraging your child will help motivate them so they understand the rationale. Once they start learning, it will help them remember the language whenever they are exposed to Arabic, at home, or outside. When children are invested in their education, they will be more willing to learn, and it’ll be easier to teach them.

Have Patience!

No doubt that everything seems to be difficult or even impossible at the beginning, including knowing the best ways on how to learn Arabic for kids but the truth is teaching Arabic for beginners is totally achievable and quite fun even. You just need to persist and believe that it is worth it.

Make It Fun

Children’s minds tend to pay more attention when the things they learn are fun and engaging. Serious teaching and classes are boring and of no benefit, do your best to turn the process into a game. Day by day, you will notice how much the level of your children in Arabic improves. Mastering a language is like mastering video games! The whole process will be more pleasurable if you can help your youngster incorporate some of these techniques into their daily activities. 

Establish a Reward System

Rewards are linked to goals and motivation. Once you and your child have agreed goals then think about rewards. List their activities, hobbies, and interests. What do they enjoy doing? What are their favorite pastimes? Set a fun reward for when they make an achievement or advance their linguistic objectives. The possibilities are infinite and could be a new video game, more sports gear, or a special dinner at their preferred restaurant.

Set Their Goals!

Another practical tip that can make a massive difference is to carve out some time every day for learning how to teach kids Arabic and apply what you learn with them. Children should think that accomplishing the goal is a real challenge and that all their efforts will be enjoyable rather than tedious. For example:

  • Mastering terminology used in their favorite sport or game.
  • Translating and learning catchphrases used by characters in their favorite book or movie.
  • Watching a video that introduces them to Arabic words and phrases every day.
  • Singing along flawlessly to their favorite song.

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